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We’re a business dedicated to helping other businesses reach beyond their potential. Maximize ROI and advertising budgets with industry leading creative content. We want to help you become a brand your customers care about. Knowing your target audience and what they like is an overlooked detail with most advertising agencies. Here at Commercial Kings, we identify who your targeted audience is, what they like and what they care about most. We use these interests and analytics to create compelling “tune in” content, to drive more traffic, create more conversions, and send more leads maximizing your ad budget. Our team has over 40 years of experience creating content for some of the most known fortune 500 companies, down to small locally owned small businesses. We create advertising assets, THAT MATTER.

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Commercial Kings, LLC, is an industry leading audio and video production company.

Established in 2003, Commercial Kings produces radio ads for companies all over the world, for companies such as Live NationBETViacomiHeart RadioSmirnoff, and Hennessy, just to name a few.

Successful with our unique ability to create “tune in” ads, specifically target to precise demographics, mostly minorities, Commercial Kings focused on the small details while all other businesses’ overlooked the need for specifically tailored ads for minorities.  Commercial Kings noticed the ineffectiveness of using one general radio ad to be targeted towards multiple or all genres of people. People come from all walks of life, different backgrounds and cultures. We here at Commercial Kings create radio ads that better connect with those audiences and different genres of people. We don’t believe the same ad created for a 80 year old white man, would be appealing to an 18 year old Black Woman. We diagnose the difference between each demographic and create radio commercials and video commercials tailored towards our customers’ demographic to ensure the connection between brands and people can be successfully met with trust; to build an exceptional long and healthy business reputation.



The first service we ever offered, and we couldn’t be more proud of our work. Commercial Kings has created 1000’s of radio ads, for 100’s of clients all over the world. Our Radio ads can be heard almost everywhere. We’ve reached over 245,000,000 listeners in the US, and our impact only continues to grow.

We have the expertise to create stunning, professional sounding radio commercials for any type of business.
ENTERTAINMENT: Clubs, Concerts, Comedy Shows, Outdoor Events
RETAIL:Beverage Distributors, Stores, Shops, Online Platforms
SERVICES:Private Schools, Landscaping Companies, Barber Shops
And so much more. No matter the type of business or product, Commercial Kings has the professional staff needed to create the ad you need to connect with your target audience and new potential customers.


Commercial Kings brings our talents to video. The media consumption and landscape of the world is constantly changing. Targeting audiences on social media platforms, and/or video streaming services is becoming more effective and in demand for our clients.

We put just as much hard work into our video production services, as we do our legacy-Radio Spots. Stunning visual graphics, with pro enhanced audio, sure to build the connection between your business and your target audience.



DJ DROPS: By popular demand..And it’s not just a saying, its for real. Before we ever offered any kind of audio service for Dj’s, producers and radio stations, we were bombarded with requests for dj drops, radio drops, beat tags, voice ID’s and radio imaging. Finally, though all these requests, Commercial Kings decided it was time to offer these industries what they were demanding. Professional, Stand Above DJ Drops, Mixtape Drops and other type of audio tag services. Right now, we offer custom dj drops, with a completely line up professional cool ass soundings voices that stand out in the mix and build up your brand.