Easy Tips On How To Be A Effective DJ In 2018

Music has changed a lot in recent years, and many of the changes have been how music is played.  There are many music styles ranging from classic country with Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, all the way to EDM music with Avicii. 

The way music is played prior to new age DJing was by instruments, such as drums, acoustic guitars, piano, and a laundry list of others, but the labor involved with carrying and setting up each individual instruments at-events (e.g. weddings, clubs, bars, concerts, etc.) isn't cost-effective, or even realistic anymore, so people have began toting around laptops with music and amazing programs that allow them to mix and mash different tunes, earning them the title of a DJ. - Commercial kings

The Foundation FoR DJing

Being a DJ isn’t quite as simple as you’d think. There are limitless dos and don’ts for DJs and we will be going over a few of those:

1) Don’t just create a three hour playlist on a CD or on your laptop and just sit there bored the entire time.

   Do learn how to mix instead.  Mixing is about layering a few tracks together in a way that creates a seamless flow and a new piece of music in the process.

2) Don’t be rude to people requesting a song.  It’s usually not personal, just that they like certain songs, as each person is unique and has their own acquired tastes.

     Do remember that these people are typically mildly intoxicated, at the very least.  If they have a song that’s their favorite or their “jam”, try being considerate and working it in at some point.

3) Don't play your favorite genre the entire event!

     Do play a mix of genre and music archetypes, ensuring that everyone gets to hear their genre, and gauge the crowd's reaction to get a feel for the room and what they want.

You’re there as someone that can keep the party going, take these suggestions into account. You can even make a request box to save the hassle

4) Don’t expect free drinks and handouts all night! It’s a business and they are paying you to perform at their location.  This is one major issue I’ve seen at bars, the DJ is expecting to get free drinks and free food, it’s not reasonable given the price the venue is already paying said DJ.

     Do maybe pack some snacks and drinks for yourself or set up a tab at the bar instead.  It will come across better to the business owner and they may consider hosting you again, which means a steady paycheck.

5) Do make sure to enjoy yourself.  Always remember why you love music, if it’s the way it makes people feel, if it’s how you express your personal emotions, or just how much you love watching people dance.


Don’t ever forget what got you here in the first place, but Do strive for quality and enjoy what you do, that way you'll never work a day in your life.


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