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Spice up your set with our DJ DROP PACK, voiced by the one and only Labonita! Five sizzling drops that’ll make you sound like a pro instantly. From hype intros to shoutouts, Labonita’s got you covered. Perfect for DJs craving that Latin flavor to keep the party going. Grab it now and let’s start the fiesta at!

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This drop pack includes 5 Spanish DJ Drops by the voice of La Bonita.

Ay, qué pasa mi gente! If you’re lookin’ for some caliente drops to spice up your set, then you gotta check out our DJ DROP PACK, voiced by the one and only Labonita. This chica’s got a voice that’ll make your speakers sizzle and your crowd go wild. We’ve got five pre-made drops that’ll have you soundin’ like a pro in no time. From hype intros to shoutouts and everything in between, Labonita’s got you covered. These drops are perfect for DJs who wanna bring that Latin flavor to their mixes and keep the party goin’ all night long. So what are you waitin’ for? Grab the DJ DROP PACK today and let’s get this fiesta started!

1 review for DJ DROP PACK- Labonita

  1. DJ Hosa (verified owner)

    Ella la mejor!

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