Being a professional DJ has to be one of the more awesome jobs you can have.  The music, the atmosphere, the people, drinks, the vibe, what's not to love about living the life of a DJ?  I imagine there are actually a ton of aspiring DJs out there, and most of them have done basic mashing and playing on their laptop, but as far as DJing an event goes, they're still wet behind the ears.

How To Get Started

Getting started in any endeavor usually involves knowing very little and taking a monumental leap of faith, hoping you sprout wings before the sudden stop to your freefall.  Hopefully, reading this can save you some of the time and hassle of learning the hard way, because, let's face it, learning that way... it kind of stinks. 

If you're simply naturally blessed at DJing, then you can probably sling some tunes with a laptop, and nothing else. 

But, for the rest of us mere mortals, it usually takes a little practice, a little assistance from the equipment, and a ton of patience and luck.  With that being said, I'm going to talk about pieces of equipment that every aspiring DJ needs right out of the chute .

How To Get The Party Hype

To start this party off, first thing you're going to need is a laptop, or just a simple computer set-up.  As much as we all like to think we'd bring the rain to every party, and light a floor on the dance floor, it's probably going to need a few more pieces of equipment before we are even making club goers bob their heads or tap their feet.  We will always need a simple audio set-up, as well. 

Pretty basic, really, we just need something to complete the transition from laptop to club systems, and the digital to analog sound signal transition is paramount to a great sounding song after being amplified by commercialkings.com

djing live for mixtapes

Your Computer Has A Job To Do!

If you are only using your laptop, then it'll be infuriating when you don't have nearly as much control over your mixes as you wish you did. 

This is where a DJ controller comes into play, giving you much more control over your sound.  I'm sure your music isn't too shabby now, but an audio set-up, coupled with a DJ controller, will take "not too shabby", and transform it into epic. 

All of us who have ever been to a club know that seeing turntables, instead of a laptop, has a certain feeling of nostalgia to it.  If you’re the type of DJ who feels old school is the only way to go, then learning how to effectively operate and manipulate turntables would be an undertaking that's right up your alley. 

Your Headphones Are Import

You'll need the whole set-up; headphones, turntables, a mixer, and probably a CDJ system, but when you blow away the competition and the minds of the old school class with your DJing, all the time, frustration, and practice will have been worth it.  If you fail, fail forward, and spend time everyday mastering your best dj drops.


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