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Crisp, Clean, Creative, High Fidelity Radio Commercial Production

You need professional high quality audio and radio commercials? You’ve found just what you’ve been looking for. Commercial Kings, The number 1 production house for radio commercials worldwide. Sloppy, cheap sounding, unprofessional commercials make your brand look terrible to consumers. Here, we make high quality effective radio ads guaranteed to work. Our work is trusted by many Advertising agencies, fortune 500 companies, local businesses, plus more. Check out the proof, listen to some of our demos hear recent audio ads and radio commercials we’v

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All commercials come professionally mixed and mastered, using top talent voice overs and our team of expert producers.


The best prices you can find. 30 Sec Local Radio Commercials start at just $150!


Radio commercial Turn Around is guaranteed 1-2 business days with 95% next day or quicker delivery rate.

Recent studies done by Neilson Research show that FM radio reaches over 93% of Americans (including over 89% of milleniels in the U.S.) on daily basis.

Other studies have suggested that the average return investment with FM Radio advertising is 1 to 16. That means for every $1 you invest into FM radio advertising, you make $16 back.

FM is the way to go, but our radio commercials are great when placed within any medium. Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeart radio, and FM radio are premiere mediums when you’re trying to either traget your audience with great reach or with more speific reach, and Our team at Commercial Kings can help you get there. We’ve been creating and producing Radio Commercials for over 15 years and understand how to target your specific audience. We can make your brand shine! Stand above the rest. We can make you heard!

It’s all about branding, and the audio quality counts. We produce all of our radio commercials in our state of the art studios, using only professional voices, and crisp clean sound effects. Our creativity has no bounds, we can create any type of radio commercial you can think of. Any type of voice, any type of sound. Our Force, is unstoppable, unlimited, and we’re ready to put our talents to work for you!

All of our radio commercials are voiced and produced within 1-2 business days, and delieverd in mp3 Format (.wav, ,aif, .mov also available upon request) straight to your email.

We use High Definition mix and mastering to make sure your commercial is a cut above the rest. A Cleaner, louder, crisper sound makes our studios the number 1 source for radio ads.

A cheap commercial sounds cheap, and makes your brand sound awful! We offer very competitive pricing, and make you or your brand sound like a million bucks!

We understand how to target different demographics. You just tell us who your target audience is. EXAMPLE: young african american males, older white females or children. We specifically create your commercial to attract, gain interest, and get the attention of your specific taret audience.

Order your commercial today, and let us create and go to work for you. You can order online if you would like to use one of our listed voices. Or you can contact us, and we can find the voice you need.

For questions, or more information, please contact us!