Audio Ad Production and Voice Overs for Retail businesses, shops, stores and more.

Whether you sell clothes, own a skating rink, or distribute beverages; We can design and create the audio you need to bring your brand alive. We've worked with many successful marketing campaigns, from companies like Sprite, to locally owned shops and stores. Plus, you cant find a better price that matches our quality of work online. Our concepts are real, our voices our professionals, and our production is creative and top notch. 

HIGH QUALITY-CREATIVE ADS,  Quick and in a Hurry.




Certified by the RAB, Commercial Kings services our clients with some of the most creative and effective radio production services on the market.

Helping you connect your product, to your target audience. Only the failing businesses are immune to advertising. Don't your competitor get the advantage with more create ads and ad placement.

Audio commercials are a very effective means of advertising for retail businesses. Spotify, Pandora, and Soundcloud are great mediums for radio ads and reaching specific target audiences.  FM Radio is great for a more broad reach. We only create your commercials, but we can guide you to the right contacts to help you with your ad placement.

Reach your audience with HD, Attention DEMANDING Quality. You can't make a million bucks, unless you sound like a million bucks: And Commercial Kings is your Ticket.