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1. Listen our audio samples below.
2. Decide which voice(s) you want. 
3. Select the style: PRODUCED= Voice AND Effects DRY= Voice Only BOTH= 2 Copies of your drop, 1 with effects, and 1 with just voice.
4.Write your script, what you want your drop to say and click ADD TO CART. (Demos are not for sale, for sample purposes only) 


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How to order

1. Listen our audio samples below.
2. Decide which voice(s) you want. 
3. Select the style: PRODUCED= Voice AND Effects DRY= Voice Only BOTH= 2 Copies of your drop, 1 with effects, and 1 with just voice.
4.Write your script, what you want your drop to say and click ADD TO CART. (Demos are not for sale, for sample purposes only) 


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Elevate your DJ game with a touch of celebrity magic! Introducing our Celebrity DJ Drops, Custom Song Intro for DJs, featuring Muni Long, Made for me.

A DJ drop, also known as a DJ tag, is a short audio clip that usually includes a voice recorded introduction of a DJ’s name or tagline layered with sound effects and other audio bites. Drops are played, or “dropped” strategically  throughout a DJ’s mix on top of music, or during a transition between songs. DJ Drops are used to promote a DJ’s Brand, add a signature of ownership to a mix, introduce a DJ to a live crowd, and to promote show names, websites and social media handles. They are also used with other sound bites and effects to add character and excitement to a music mix. 

Turntable with DJ Drops Vinyl

What can DJ Drops Be Used For?

Here are some common uses for DJ drops:

DJ drops help establish and reinforce the DJ’s brand by creating a recognizable type audio identity. Basically, a unique and creatively produced drop can set a DJ apart from other dj’s. Think of a drop as an audio logo, just like what radio stations use in between songs to take every opportunity to identify the station you’re listening to. Something that helps the audience connect and remember the DJ. Remember, as a s DJ you’re not just a DJ, you’re a brand, a company, and no company is immune to advertising.

Picture this, You’re at a club or live event, the Music is blasting at 110DB’s, You’re playing the hottest song out right now, and about to transition into another hot trending song, you kill the transition and the crowd goes wild when you bring in the 2nd song, This is the Moment! You Drop! Your DJ Drop in your Mix!! Why? Because right at this moment the audience has reached peak excitement, And you’re letting them know who’s responsible for this feeling they have by playing your DJ Drop. Now they associate your drop, your name and brand with that feeling you gave them with playing these songs. That’s what DJ Drops were meant for, and that’s how you build your band. Every large business in the world knows that feelings are the best way to connect their brand with customers, and many companies struggle. But a DJ Drop is an easy and quick way for DJ’s to accomplish this type of connection with the audience.  

A DJ can use a drop to introduce the DJ’s set or a specific track. They add a personal touch and can build anticipation for the upcoming music or can be used to build anticipation for entire set, or a change from one DJ to another. 

DJs can use drops to smoothly transition between tracks or sections of their set. Also drops can be particularly effective when moving from one genre to another or when changing the mood of the music. So, like when a DJ goes from playing todays hottest tacks, to a classic set, a Throwback DJ Drop would help set up and transition to the next genre.

Promotion it one of the biggest ways a drop becomes and asset. Drops can include information about upcoming events, social media handles, or other promotional messages. This helps the DJ connect with the audience and promote their brand or upcoming gigs. As a DJ, you have your audiences full attention. And its a good idea to not let these ears and opportunity go to waste. Drops are a great way to get more followers on social media, visits to your website, and even book more gigs.

A hot-sounding drop becomes a signature sound for a DJ, making their DJ sets unforgettable. This can help build a loyal fan base and make your DJ brand and name a household name.

A beat tag is a very simple concept. It is simply a way of indicating that a certain DJ or producer is responsible for a song or beat by using a unique noise associated with them. Most Beat tags are heard at the beginning of a track (like the Maybach Music drop), And are usually a voice that has a hi pass filter set very hi to give it a crispy sound. Sometimes Beat tags are dry, but most times they may contain some Echo, reverb and delay. Using Beat Tags helps promote the producers name, and also claims ownership to the producers work so that no one else can try and take credit for the track or song. 

This is very useful for branding, because the beat tag acts a way of getting a DJ’s name out there and making sure people remember their specific sound. It’s both simple and highly effective and this is why many DJs have taken to using this strategy in the recent future.

DJs often use drops in radio shows or podcasts to add a professional and polished feel to their broadcasts. Drops can be placed strategically between sets or tracks.

How do you kick off a Podcast, maybe by saying, Hi my name is blank, and this is the blank podcast show. Sounds exciting? not Really. How about a professional intro with a Deep Movie Trailer sounding voice, a Hype Voice, Professional or Sexy Female voice introducing your podcast show while having some cool music and other relevant sounds to hype your audience? That’s the best way to open your podcast, so that your show has a professional presentation and a sound your listeners wont forget. If you’re serious about your podcast, make a small investment and get a serious sounding drop to use as your intro.

Creating mixtapes or recorded sets, DJs use drops to identify themselves and add a personal touch to their recordings.

So, the next question is this: Is it important for mixes? The short and simple answer is yes, it is very important for mixes. There are a number of reasons for this, so we will go over two of the primary reasons, those being movie voices and radio voice overs.

The first reason that DJ drops can have a huge impact on mixes are movie voices. When you add a movie voice to your mix, you can instantly combined your sound with an already iconic and highly familiar sound. This subconsciously makes the listener associate those two sounds together, which is a great way to make your mix highly successful and popular.

Next, you have radio voice overs, which also have a strong beneficial component for mixes. Radio voice overs can give your mixes a charming quality by adding in something that the listener might find light-hearted or nostalgic. This makes them pay closer attention to the mix and it sears itself into their memory, allowing for another boost in popularity to your mixes.

Live performance settings are when DJ drops can engage the audience, create energy, and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the event.

So, now you might be thinking to yourself: “DJ drops sound cool, but can they really have that much of an impact on live shows?”

The answer is yes! As mentioned earlier, DJ drops can totally change up the atmosphere of a live show and fill it with energy and fun. When a DJ uses drops, it can give off a vibe of good spirits to the audience, which will get them moving and in the middle of the action much easier. By adding DJ drops into the mix, the whole environment of the live shown can be completely and totally transformed.

In addition to the atmosphere, DJ drops can also act as an attention-grabber. If the audience isn’t very focused on the music, a drop can pull them away from what they’re doing due to its unexpectedness and make them pay closer attention to the music. This way, the audience won’t view the music as background noise but rather, they will view it as an integral part of the whole experience they’re having.

The music will become a focus piece and maybe even the star of the show. This is, obviously, a very good effect to have from the DJ’s perspective!

Online content like TikTok, and instagram videos get shared and downloaded so often, drops can be used to claim ownership of a video, so that viewers know the original creator of the video. DJs will also use drops in their online content, such as videos on social media platforms or YouTube. This helps maintain consistency across different mediums.

When collaborating with other artists or DJs, drops can be used to seamlessly integrate each performer’s identity into a shared set or project.

Finally, there’s the matter of mistakes. This isn’t where most people’s minds initially go when they think of the utility of DJ drops, but this is actually one of the most useful purposes that a DJ drop can be used for. Here’s why!

When a DJ makes a mistake, the first thing they’re going to want to do is either cover it up or, if that isn’t possible, to get the listener’s mind off of that mistake. This can be accomplished by the use of a drop. A drop will act as a sudden and unexpected distraction from the mistake of the DJ, which can either be used to conceal the mistake or otherwise make the listener forget all about it. This definitely comes in handy when you’re a DJ and in a tough spot!

In other words, the DJ drop can let you completely direct the listener’s attention to something other than a mistake you’ve made. It gives you a level of control and flexibility that you wouldn’t have otherwise, which will help you relax and get in the zone while experimenting with different sounds. Which is, ultimately, exactly what you want to do in the first place!

Overall, DJ drops serve as a versatile tool for DJs to enhance their performances, establish a unique brand, and connect with their audience in various settings.


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Sometimes, getting the perfect drop is all bout the writing and how you write the script. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make sure you get your drop sounding the way you hear it in your head.

  1. Commas (,) and Periods (.) for spacing, not just common punctuation, but using commas and periods can help make sure your drop doesn’t sound like a run on sentence, or sound like it was read too quickly and even add emphasis to certain words in your script.
    EX: Breaking up phrase with short pause: You’re in the Mix, With DJ Name
    EX: Breaking up phrase with longer pause: You’re in the Mix……..With DJ Name
    EX: Putting Emphasis on certain words: Youre…In…The… Mix……With DJ Name
  2. Using Parenthesis () to put notes for your drop. Anything you put in Parenthesis will not be voiced by the voice talent, but will be considered a note or direction. Use the Parenthesis to let the voice talent know how you want certain sections of your drop read or emphasized.
    EX: You’re in the Mix (deep and slow), With DJ Name! (hype, yell this part)
  3. Be Creative. The more creative you are with your drop, the more creative our producers can be with producing it. Our producers are already creative rock stars and capable of making any order sound great, but sometimes they can even sound better with a more creative script. Creativeness becomes contagious, and sparks others to be creative. Supplying a creative script and help your drop sound like a beast.
  4. Less is more=Shorter is better. Drops are apart of branding for you, and help you be remembered. Sometimes a shorter drop is better, its easier for your audience to remember. Our site allows up to 95 characters for most drops, but this length is definitely not always needed, and sometimes when a script is too long, your listener ends up losing the message you’re trying to send. So always remember, most of the time, less is more. Do you need some drop script ideas? Check these out!

To use purchased drops in your DJ software, follow these easy steps with Serato. First, create a new crate for your drops and import them as you would with songs. Click the air horn icon above player 1, revealing 8 boxes. Drag your drops from the crate into these boxes. Now your drops are loaded in Serato. During DJ sessions, click the air horn again and press play on the desired drop. Some controllers even allow you to assign FX Boxes to hotkeys, enabling seamless drop playback without removing your hand from the controller. Serato simplifies the process, ensuring your drops integrate smoothly into your DJ sets for an enhanced experience.

Best Female DJ Drops and Voices

So What Makes Commercial Kings DJ Drops So Great?

Commercial Kings is one the most popular DJ Drop and tag Makers. For starters Commercial Kings has been the leaders in voice overs since the inception of the industry.

With a resume extended far beyond local and regional levels, and a customer base that expands to all 7 continents. Our work can be heard on commercials, product reviews and concerts and more.  We create TV advertising commercials with voice overs – see this page for more details. Our skill and customer satisfaction is BEST! in the voice over industry. Most of our clients wind up purchasing and end up clients for 5 to 10 years!!! 

Having been a leader in the audio production game since 2005, we bring over 20 years of audio production experience to every drop order we receive. Our extensive resume extends well beyond local and regional levels, with a customer base that spans across all 7 continents. Our work is heard by more than 245,000,000 viewers each year, and we have had the pleasure of working with well-known companies like ESPN, Disney, US Army, Viacom, iHeart Radio, NBC/Universal, and many more.

Furthermore, when you become a Commercial Kings customer, you can rest assured that you’ll receive some of the best customer service around. We offer customer support via phone, email, and text, ensuring that you can always reach us when you need us. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched, and we strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for every customer who works with us.

Are ALL Orders Created Equal?

YES!!! We take our time with every drop order to be as creative as we can be. One of the key traits to our drops, is that if possible, we will create a drop that is creatively fitting for your name or message. We use “theatre of the mind” style of production to create a drop that perfectly expresses your message or name. That’s one key factor that separates our producers from the rest, and what helps us lead the industry. 

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Can I order Female DJ Drops Packages?

Absolutely!! we offer some of the industry’s hottest female voices IN THE WORLD!! Known for having some of the most famous female voices on the voice over market. Commercial Kings just doesn’t any voice to our roster, we only pick the best unique female Voices, which is very hard to find. With different styles like ULTRA sexy, Spanish, British, Young, and Professional sounding female voices for your drops, You are sure to find a female voice you’ll love. So make sure you check out the demos! Check-Out Our Blog For More Info.

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