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When it comes to finding the best beat tags, you need something that blends perfectly with your production style. The best tags are created using the most professional audio recording software and mixing and mastering tools. Due to the exponential growth of the trap music screen, having a catchy voiceover that says your name is just as important as making the beat. Our goal to provide as much clarity as possible into the creative process for our readers.

Why Are Custom Made Producer Tags Important For Making Beats?

It has never been more vital for up-and-coming producers to have a producer tag. The art of music branding has never been more critical. Currently, the music industry is overrun by constant music pirating in addition to authorized music licensing issues.

The Internet has revolutionized how the average consumer consumes music. In today’s music industry, the name of the game is “who made that beat?” That's why it is fundamentally necessary to have a producer tag that best epitomizes your style.


What Are Beat Tags?

The producer tags are professionally made custom voiceovers created by an urban voiceover company such as commercial things. These tags are then used by music producers to protect their beats against music pirating.

Producer tags are typically placed at the beginning of a track, or the end of the track. Often, music producers will enter the beat tag during the middle of the song, in the event, the artist leaves an opening for a producer to gain notoriety on the track.

protect your music with custom beat tags for music producers 2019


How To Make Voice Tags?

making custom made sounds to overlay hip hop and rap tunes

When making your professional voice tag, you want to make sure you use a voice-over that best resembles your brands sound. Professionals choose a voice that captures the listener's attention, while all the instruments are continually engaging the listener during the duration of the track.

The beat making business is very competitive, so using the best beat tags can mean your reputation in the music industry.

Using the wrong type of voice could result in un favoring beat sales and low views on social sharing platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and various production promotional outlets. You want something that stands out and brands your name with little to no effort. In the digital era, too many recording artists aren't getting noeirtry, they deserve due to untagged productions.

Luckily the good folks at commercial Kings understand entirely how to EQ, Mix and Master using the richest and the most epic movie voice styles on the planet.


Female Voices

female voice over for music producer

We provide the highest quality professional custom beat tags in female voices. All of our custom producer tags are made using the latest version of ProTools, therefore ensuring that we provide mastering grade audio. We are audio engineers by trade, so we understand every aspect I have the sound should be rendered.

Commercial Kings provide the hottest custom beat tags that will layout your tracks with little to no effort.  All you would have to do is synchronize your tag to work in conjunction with your record.

Commercial Kings has all tones of voices that your mixes require, that’s why we focus on making tags that lay over beats with little to no effort.

Therefore this ensures that your tears can be used for nearly every scenario. However, we do recommend that all of our clients consider voice-overs and all voice styles. This works best for mellow, Midtempo style tracks.


Writing Your Script For Your Voice Tag

template for writing info to go on songs and tracks

As you can imagine, scriptwriting is very critical to your progress. Please feel free to mention if you need help with creating a script.

CK has an excellent team that it ready-to guide you through the entire process. They recommend that the artist provides a clear understanding of the words they would like used for the voice over.

CK understands that this process is new and can be frustrating, so they make every attempt to make the submission process simple. They have plenty of years of experience in making custom tags, so toss us your ideas, and they will create it from scratch

In Closing

Having great quality is essential to building your brand. Most beats don't properly have the proper move voices. You want to stand out from the crowd,  you need the best options to do so. Commercial Kings is dedicated to providing the highest quality imaging for music producers around the world. Be sure to browse our collection of voice talent and pick which one works best. Each artist was chosen because their voice brings edge creditability for hip hop beats for sale. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact one of our customer service reps. They are standing by to help you complete your sound today.

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