So, is it beneficial to buy a radio spot? Absolutely! With some time put into the process, you'll find that a radio spot is cost-effective and will be a great way to advertise your company to the masses in a fun and creative way.

How much do radio spots cost?

radio spots cost

Generally, this will vary depending on the station and time slot of your advert. A rule of thumb is that a radio commercial is charged at a rate that is determined by the voice over talent. Prices may vary when opting to use female dj drops.

Radio stations have to publish their circulation figures which are audited by RAJAR, so you know these figures will be an accurate representation of the listeners your ad will get.

How to write radio spots?


Think of your radio spot as your elevator pitch. It can be an effective medium to get the word out about your company and is often an excellent choice. But how do you write one?

These are all great tips for writing your radio ad. These slots are usually booked in 30-second increments, so make sure to use the best of it.

  • Figure out your audience. You'll need to make sure you have the right tone, language, and personality to reach your target audience. You have to connect with them in a meaningful way. 
  • Remember that it's not always just for ears. While radio is an auditory medium, it's important to cater your writing to conjure up images in the listener's mind to make your message more enticing.
  • Create a script that evokes a mental image, association, and emotions to really connect with your audience. How to do this? Add a sound effect, personalized jingle, use storytelling, and employ voice overs to really convey your tone and personality.
  • Include a strong call-to-action. A great radio spot can do wonders for your company, but if you're not adding a call-to-action then your listeners will have no specific action to follow. Whether this is to make a particular purchase, visit your store, or visit your website/social media, you have to drive listeners to where you want them to go.
  • Make sure to incorporate your social media handles or website URL within the ad (and make them easy to remember).
  • Offering a limited-time discount or special offer is a great way to add incentive for listeners to visit your store or website. It will motivate them to take action quickly and will boost the effectiveness of your radio commercials.
  • Write with empathy. Remember, you're writing for your audience. You need to focus on how you can solve their problem and using empathy to tap into your audience's emotional side will yield great results.
  • Show your customers that you understand them, you care, and you can provide a solution. You can do this directly or indirectly - whichever way feels more natural for your target message and audience.


How to do good 30-second spots for radio?

Radio Spots

The best thing to remember is to keep it simple. It needs to be a clear and effective message. Making it too complicated will mean your main point will be lost on the listener. 

To write a good and effective 30-second spot, decide what your ultimate goal is and keep every word of your script in line with that goal. This goal can be driving traffic to your store, your website, or promoting a special offer.

It can also be just to bring awareness to your company, which will also lead to the goal of driving people to check out your website or social media. Whatever your goal is, make sure it's clearly defined and can easily be identified. This will make it a lot easier to write your radio spot.

Following your roadmap above, once you have your goal defined, figure out your audience. This will also have an effect on where you play your radio spot. For example, you don't want to advertise a company for middle-aged men on a Top-40 pop station catered to young adults. Your audience will play a huge part in how you word your radio spot.

Write out a general script without paying attention to its length. Write everything you want to convey and say in your message. Now - read it out loud.

Does it sound natural?  Cut out parts that don't and reword the ones that do. After this, time it. You'll then get to see how much you have to trim for your radio spot script. Keep reworking it until it sounds right.

Get feedback! Read your script to others and have them read it themselves to see what doesn't work. This will include a lot of working and reworking to get it right, but don't be discouraged. Remember that adding sound effects and a jingle will also make it effective.

How do I find where to play my radio spot?

commercial kings

Find your target radio station and reach out to them. Look up stations in your local area and find their contact email (or better yet, personal contact in the station). Follow up with a phone call or email. If they decline to play it for whatever reason, move on to the next one.

What are some examples of good or bad radio spots?


Writing the perfect radio spot script is an art, but one that is worth the effort and time to make. If done well, this can lead to a high ROI for your brand and see new customers coming through your doors (virtually or physically).

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