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Custom DJ Drops by Manny

Introducing our exclusive custom DJ drops voiced by the one and only Manny Voice. Known for his versatile and magnetic delivery, Manny Voice will bring a unique flavor to your mixes, ensuring your sets are nothing short of extraordinary.

Select Your Flavor: Voice Only, Produced, or Both!

1. Voice Only: Let Manny Voice’s versatile delivery take center stage, delivering your DJ name or tagline with a vibe that resonates. Perfect for those who want a raw and authentic vocal presence that leaves a lasting impression.

2. Produced: Take it to the next level with the Produced version! We’ll enhance Manny Voice’s delivery with expert production, incorporating dynamic effects and music elements to give your drops that polished and professional edge.

3. Both: Why choose when you can have it all? Combine Manny Voice’s versatile vocals with expert production for DJ drops that seamlessly blend authenticity and creativity.

Efficient Turnaround: 1-3 Business Days!

We understand the fast-paced world of DJs. Fear not, as we promise a swift turnaround, delivering your custom DJ drop within 1-3 business days. Get ready to seamlessly integrate your personalized drops into your mixes.

Why Choose Manny Voice?

Manny Voice brings a dynamic and magnetic energy to every vocal delivery. His voice isn’t just heard; it’s experienced. With a wealth of experience and a signature style, Manny Voice is the voice that will add a touch of uniqueness to your DJ sets.

How to Order:

Choose your preferred option: Voice Only, Produced, or Both.
Provide your DJ Drop Script in the Script Box.
Sit back and let Manny Voice infuse your mixes with his signature vibe.

Don’t settle for ordinary DJ drops – make a distinctive statement with Manny Voice and let your beats resonate with unmatched versatility. Order your custom DJ drop today and elevate your sound to new heights!

4 reviews for CUSTOM DJ DROPS- Manny Voice

  1. Paco (verified owner)

    Yo, grabbed that Manny DJ Drop – straight up, it’s low-key fire for my mixes, feeling it for real

  2. DJ Sha (verified owner)

    I got my drop quick and he did a good job

  3. Moski (verified owner)

    Love my drop, real hype, thanks

  4. kent steward (verified owner)

    You guys did a wonderful job with my dj drops and thank you I will be using you guys again and recommend you . Happy holidays.

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